Fall, Change, and Events

Fall, Change, and Events

Welcome sunflower followers and thank you for stopping by and enjoying another market blog. Since this is the first blog for Fall I wanted to share my favorite quote with you.

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

I want to really focus in on the phrase, "Life starts over again". This year has been a whirlwind to say the least. Starting with Covid, shutdowns, financial struggles, politics, and general day to day stressors. The years focus has been filled with negative event after event. Fall is here, a time for change. A time when nature sheds her bounty and prepares for rest. Let's be with nature during this time, let us be as a sunflower shedding her petals, and let go of the parts no longer needed. Let the negative issues of 2020 begin to fade away, and bring in anew. 

Now, away from the heavy and let's bring in some positive! Events! When summer started all our scheduled events had been cancelled due to covid. Seasonal events and shows are a huge part of our business, we are so grateful that we were able to line up a few. Our first event is this Saturday, October 3rd at the Junker's Jamboree in Bonner Springs, KS. Picture Oak Street in the heart of historic Bonner Springs lined with vintage goods, local crafts, and food trucks. Yes! I said food trucks... specifically a Taco Via truck. We will be located in The Good Vibe Society side parking lot. The event starts at 8am and will conclude at 3pm. But wait! At 7pm Good Vibe Society will be hosting a ladies night out movie edition. The ever popular Hocus Pocus will be playing, drinks will be flowing and shopping will be happening. Be sure to check our Facebook page for more information. 

We have two other events happening in October and November and I will focus on each one individually in upcoming blogs. But I do want to list them here as a save the date. We will be at Vintage Market Days in Merriam October 23-25 and at Holiday Market at the Burley House in Weston, MO, November 14-15. Get those dates on the calendar. 

In more market news, we dropped a new collection yesterday! Our Nostalgic 90's line is live on the website. We put so much of ourselves into this collection with Sarah and I both being Millennials. It was a trip down memory lane for sure and that is exactly what we wanted with this line. If you haven't already, be sure to check out the entire collection our site www.shopsunflowermarket.com

Thank you again for joining in on our blog and supporting The Sunflower Market. Until next week!

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